Whitewater World

Adrenaline Pumping Thrills with Family-Style Fun

WhiteWater World features ground-breaking technology to deliver some serious splash. One of the most cutting edge water ride parks in the world, WhiteWater World is located right next door to Dreamworld filled with wild rides and attractions. Combining adrenaline pumping thrills with family-style fun in the quintessential Aussie beach paradise, using the latest environmentally friendly technology for sustainable water management.

Wiggle Bay

A haven for parents and young children under five to relax and spend quality time.

Complete with mini slides, interactive sprays, colourful water cannons and giant instruments, children can splash and play and spend all day composing their very own wet and wiggly music.

Wiggle Bay is a safe and wet environment filled with fun and learning, plenty of shade and lots of bright colours. Lifeguard supervision and shallow waters from 0 to 0.5 metres means peace of mind for mum and dad as toddles explore 14 interactive play devices including some of the world’s latest, most cutting edge musical interactive equipment, foaming geysers, toddler slides and open water play areas.

Pipeline Plunge

Pipeline Plunge has recently received a makeover and is ready to delight young visitors all year round.

Covering over 1000 square metres, Pipeline Plunge is the ultimate playground. Located in an enormous ‘tree fort’ full of fun, Pipeline Plunge is a safe, kid friendly zone filled with over 50 interactive water activities including water sprays, geysers and blaster cannons.

Guests can climb in and out of the structures, run wild on four flume waterslides or just chill out under the massive Pipeline bucket, dumping over 1000L of water onto guests and back into the splash pools below.

Cave of Waves

Dwelling deep inside the Cave of Waves, Surf God Huey’s guttural groans can be heard in answer to your calls for the perfect wave. It puts a twist on the tradition and pushes the boundaries of wave pool technology with surging waves that travel over 50 metres to shore.

The 2,685 square metre body of water begins to breathe with an ocean like, surfable swell reaching heights of 1.5 metres. The perfect place to kick back on the beach or float in clear tubes under the watchful eye of lifeguards and high tech, underwater cameras while Huey throws out his very best.


Whitewater World now has 20 luxury Cabanas located throughout the water park for guests to rent. The new Cabanas are designed to comfortably fit up to twelve people and come complete with deck chairs, couches, a coffee table, iPod dock, mini refrigerator and a cabana service staff member for any additional guest needs. Cabanas can be booked online.

Whitewater World is conveniently located at the northern end of Queensland’s popular Gold Coast, just minutes from the Coomera Railway Station (part of the Brisbane-Gold Coast rail link).

Whitewater World is a:

  • 45 minute drive from Brisbane.
  • 20 minute drive from Surfers Paradise.
  • Both cities are key tourism destinations and residential areas.
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