Tax Information

Corporatisation of Ardent Leisure Group

On 24 December 2018 (Implementation Date), the Ardent Leisure Group (then comprising Ardent Leisure Limited and Ardent Leisure Management Limited in its capacity as Responsible Entity of the Ardent Leisure Trust) implemented a corporatisation transaction pursuant to which a new entity, Ardent Leisure Group Limited (ACN 628 881 603) (ALG) acquired all of the shares in Ardent Leisure Limited and all of the units in the Ardent Leisure Trust (Transaction).

ALG commenced trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on a deferred settlement basis on 30 November 2018 and then on a normal T+2 settlement basis on 27 December 2018 under the ticker code ‘ALG’.

On the Implementation Date, and after accounting for the share consolidation which occurred on the Implementation Date, eligible securityholders received one share in ALG in exchange for each stapled security held in Ardent Leisure Group (ASX:AAD).

AAD stapled securities ceased trading on the ASX on 29 November 2018 and AAD was removed from the Official List of ASX Limited on 31 December 2018.

Annual Tax Statements

Following the corporatisation, Ardent Leisure Group Limited became the sole unit holder of Ardent Leisure Trust.   As shareholders of Ardent Leisure Group Limited no longer hold units in Ardent Leisure Trust, they will no longer receive an Annual Tax Statement.

ATO Class Ruling

The Australian Taxation Office has issued its class ruling regarding the income tax treatment for applicable securityholders of the Ardent Leisure Group corporatisation proposal.  The proposal under which Ardent Leisure Group Limited became the head company of the group was implemented on 24 December 2018.

A copy of the Class Ruling CR 2019/15 – Income Tax: Ardent Leisure Group – Restructure is available here.

Historical Tax Information

The information contained below is historical information relating to stapled structure of Ardent Leisure Group (AAD).

Taxation implications for investors following Capital Reallocation

A summary and examples of the possible tax implications following the capital reallocation on 1 December 2014 can be found in this document.

Notice from managed investment trust and estimated tax components of the 26 June 2018 interim distribution

In order for custodians holding Ardent Leisure Group stapled securities on behalf of non-resident investors to apply an appropriate rate of non-resident withholding tax, the manager of Ardent Leisure Trust (the Trust) is required to publish a statement that the Trust is a managed investment trust for the purposes of Sub-division 12-H of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 for the particular year of income.

The Trust should also publish a statement clearly identifying each of the individual taxation components that make up the distribution.

If the Trust does not state compliance to Sub-division 12H on the distribution notice and does not issue any component information, custodians are required to deduct non-resident withholding tax over the entire distribution.

Ardent Leisure Management Limited, the responsible entity for Ardent Leisure Trust (“Trust”), declares that the Trust is a managed investment trust for the purposes of Subdivision 12-H of Schedule 1 of the Taxation Administration Act 1953, in respect of the income period ending 26 June 2018.

For the purpose of Section 12-415 of Schedule 1 of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth.) estimated tax components and a ‘fund payment’ amount for each distribution is advised to investors and announced to the ASX when distribution payments are made. However, Australian resident security holders should only use final tax components shown on the annual tax statement (usually issued to them in August each year) when completing their tax returns.

As detailed in the table below, the distribution for the period of 6.5 cents per stapled security from Ardent Leisure Trust includes a “Fund Payment” of 6.534219 cents per stapled security, pursuant to Subdivision 12-H of Schedule 1 of the Taxation Administration Act 1953.

ComponentTotal cash distribution
Component subject to fund payment withholdingComponent subject to other non-resident withholding
Australian income
Interest Income0.121561-0.121561
Tax deferred---
Other income---
Foreign income
Foreign interest income---
Foreign other Income---
Capital Gains
Discounted capital gain amount – TAP2.4002526.534219-
Non discounted capital gain amount – TAP---
Concessional capital gain amount3.964557--

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Management Cost Statement

In accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 and in order to assist investors to understand the cost of their investment in Ardent Leisure Group, the manager of Ardent Leisure Trust publishes an annual statement of Management Costs.

Management Costs represent the total cost incurred by securityholders for their investment in the Group. They include costs such as base management fees, performance fees, registry, custody, accounting and other administrative fees. They do not include costs that would be incurred if an investor invested directly into the Group’s assets. These costs do not directly affect the market value of securityholders’ investments in the Group, although these costs reduce the income distributions paid and therefore may have an indirect impact on market value.

A history of total Management Costs is as follows:

 June 2018
6 months
Average number of stapled securities (‘000s)489,496
Total Management Costs$1,652,676
Total Management Costs per stapled security$0.00352
Total Management Costs for 1,000 stapled securities $3.52

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Allocation of Cost Base

An Ardent Leisure Group (Ardent Leisure) stapled security comprises one unit in Ardent Leisure Trust (“Trust” or “ALT”), stapled to one share in Ardent Leisure Limited (“Company” or “ALL”). For CGT purposes, a unit in ALT and a share in ALL are two separate assets. If you disposed of your Ardent Leisure investment, you will need to do separate CGT calculations for each of your investments in ALT and ALL. This means that you will need to split each Ardent Leisure stapled security acquisition cost and sales proceeds between units in ALT and shares in ALL. The table below will help you to split your Ardent Leisure stapled security acquisition cost and sales proceeds between a unit in ALT and a share in ALL. This allocation has been determined by the relative net tangible asset value of ALT and ALL as compared to the total value of Ardent Leisure.

Allocation of cost base
Dec 0399.47%0.53%
Jun 0499.20%0.80%
Dec 0498.72%1.28%
Jun 0598.73%1.27%
Dec 0598.62%1.38%
Jun 0698.87%1.13%
Dec 0698.58%1.42%
Jun 0798.48%1.52%
Dec 0798.83%1.17%
Jun 0899.05%0.95%
Dec 0898.84%1.16%
Jun 0990.48%9.52%
Dec 0993.57%6.43%
Jun 1092.56%7.44%
Dec 1092.87%7.13%
Jun 1192.50%7.50%
Dec 1192.01%7.99%
Jun 1291.24%8.76%
Dec 1284.36%15.64%
Jun 1383.14%16.86%
Dec 1382.45%17.55%
Jun 1483.29%16.71%
Dec 1474.16%25.84%
Jun 1573.94%26.06%
Dec 1573.20%26.80%
Jun 1671.79%28.21%
Dec 1665.24%34.76%
June 1766.71%33.29%
Dec 1761.68%38.32%
Jun 1861.77%38.23%

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Distribution history

Period endedNew issue priceDistributionTaxable amountTax deferred amountTax free amountDRP issue pricePeriod end unit price
Ardent Leisure Trust
6 Jul 981.00(1)---------
31 Dec 984.701.5886033.902.6945157.330.416898.87-0.82
30 Jun 994.702.5308044.402.7320147.930.437197.670.79760.81
31 Dec 994.931.6569733.612.8377157.560.435328.830.80340.82
13 Jan 000.81(2)
30 Jun 005.570.266254.784.9121888.190.391577.030.78580.81
31 Dec 003.301.5332046.461.4405043.650.326409.890.70780.74
30 Jun 013.701.9010651.381.7989448.62-(3)-(3)0.50700.52
31 Dec 013.301.5111045.791.7889054.21-(3)-(3)0.64150.67
30 Jun 023.701.0533928.472.6466171.53-(3)-(3)0.64540.67
31 Dec 023.501.4766542.19 2.0233557.81-(3)-(3)0.70000.70
30 Jun 034.001.4972937.432.5027162.57-(3)-(3)0.78200.78

Period endedCapital ReallocationDividendDistributionTaxable amountTax deferred amountTax free amountCapital gain
concession amount
DRP issue pricePeriod end security price
Ardent Leisure Group (4)
31 Dec 034.200.95750.97
30 Jun 045.001.03441.06
Year to 30 Jun 049.205.1060055.503.9688843.140.125121.36
31 Dec 045.201.68941.74
30 Jun 056.601.84811.97
Year to 30 Jun 0511.8010.4095888.221.3904211.78--
31 Dec 057.002.30502.48
30 Jun 067.502.40212.50
Year to 30 Jun 0614.509.4818665.405.0181434.60--
31 Dec 068.002.92132.98
30 Jun 079.103.18943.30
Year to 30 Jun 0717.1013.1995277.193.5022620.480.398222.33
31 Dec 079.603.41683.49
30 Jun 0810.001.52351.49
Year to 30 Jun 0819.6016.7284585.352.0971110.700.774443.95
31 Dec 086.500.97270.90
30 Jun 097.801.40481.415
Year to 30 Jun 0914.308.1981757.333.7427426.242.3490916.43
31 Dec 096.501.68261.705
30 June 104.250.99150.99
Year to 30 Jun 1010.758.0728875.101.2988712.081.3782512.82
31 Dec 106.500.98721.0150
30 Jun 115.001.24961.275
Year to 30 Jun 1111.57.3186763.64.1813336.4--
31 Dec 116.501.00731.02
30 Jun 125.201.2373
Year to 30 Jun 1211.704.848241.46.851858.6--
31 Dec 126.60-1.43
30 Jun 135.401.68411.715
Year to 30 Jun 1312.003.755531.308.244568.70--
31 Dec 136.80-2.01
30 Jun 146.202.63782.71
Year to 30 Jun 1413.08.427364.834.572735.17
1 Dec 1428.0 (5)
31 Dec
30 Jun 155.52.15532.17
Year to 30 Jun 159.56.567369.132.932730.87--
31 Dec 157.02.106702.26
30 Jun 165.51.92921.88
Year to 30 Jun 1612.56.189749.526.310350.48
31 Dec 162.0-2.34
30 Jun 171.0-1.88
Year to 30 Jun 173.01.611453.71--1.388646.29
26 Dec 172.01.97751.98
26 Jun 186.51.95321.97
Year to 26 Jun 188.54.535453.32--3.964646.68
(1) Initial Public Offer of Units in Ardent Leisure Trust at $1.00 each
(2) 1 for 5 Renounceable Rights Issue of units at $0.81 each
(3) Tax free amounts are now treated as tax deferred
(4) The Ardent Leisure Trust was restructured effective 1 July 2003 to form a stapled entity consisting of Ardent Leisure Trust and Ardent Leisure Limited.
(5) On 1 December 2014 the Group undertook a capital reallocation whereby $0.28 was reallocated from each unit in Ardent Leisure Trust to each corresponding share in Ardent Leisure Limited.

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