Sustainable Development

The Group is in the early stages of coordinating a combined approach to sustainability across all of our businesses. This has been mandated by a sub-committee of the Board called the Safety, Sustainability & Environment Committee and has the full support of the Board of Directors of the Group.

The Group has identified and adopted a range of target areas that are broadly in-line with the GRI G3 Guidelines. The G3 Guidelines form part of one of the mostly widely used frameworks for sustainability reporting.

The Group has adapted these guidelines to focus on key areas that are applicable for our businesses. These broad areas include OH&S, Environment, Quality, Community Relations, Civil Rights, Corporate Governance and People Practices. The Group’s main efforts are aimed at achieving reductions in the fields of energy, water and waste.

Further details of the Group’s sustainability program are available in the 2015 Sustainability Report, which can be downloaded here

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